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friction gloves

We strive to grow both ultimate and disc golf, doing so by supporting teams, organizations, and projects.  We love connecting with players that are passionate about these sports.   We are passionate about gloves and providing players with the gear they need to play their best.  

​We have a love for ultimate and are excited to be growing into the sport of disc golf.  

We were founded in 2012 and introduced gloves to the sport of ultimate.  We've worked since then to create the best glove for the sport and to provide the best customer service possible.

In 2016 the first disc golf specific glove, the Friction DG's, were introduced to the disc golf community. Players from both sports love our gloves and we are proud to support both communities. ​

​Friction Gloves founder, Hanky, recognized a need for ultimate gloves while playing in the cold and wet Northwest.  In wet & cold weather, throwing and catching would become very difficult.  He worked to create a glove that allowed for touch on the disc and protection from the elements; Friction Gloves was born. 


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