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Alpha-Solid Xenon

Løft Discs

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Alpha-Solid Xenon

Produktet er midlertidig utsolgt. Dersom du ønsker å motta en epost når vi får det inn på lager, kan du legge igjen epostadressen din i skjemaet under.

Xenon is a super overstable speed 9 fairway driver and it is in many ways our most consistent, reliable, and forgiving disc yet even for a fluttery throw into a headwind.

An overstable fairway driver has become something almost every disc golfer has in their bag as it is a very versatile tool for making hyzer throws, flex lines, skip shots, and generally just fighting the wind. These properties make this disc ideal for forehand throws. Put Xenon on a steep anhyzer and you can trust it to go to the left and finish about flat. A moderate anhyzer gives it a great flex line through the forest and if there's space you can just release it flat and get a very predictable fade. This makes Xenon a great disc for almost every shot between 60 and 100 meters. 

Xenon is right in that sweet spot where it's super overstable, torque resistant, and reliable but not gimmicky overstable. It's a disc that you'll be using all the time. We have tried to carry over the exceptionally smooth feel of our Silicon midrange to this fairway driver. We use a custom built machine to trim the edges of the rim and our molding process ensures that the underside of the rim is extremely smooth. We call it cutting edge edge cutting.

Flight: [ 9 | 3 | 0 | 4 ]

α-Solid Plastic
α-Solid is our go-to premium plastic, and it is developed with throwing in mind. It is slightly gummy, has a shiny finish, superb grip and great durability, so you can trust that the disc will not change drastically in stability for the first many tree hits. The appearance is opaque, and the colors appear very vivid in this material.

  • Grippy
  • Super durable
  • Vivid, opaque colors with a shiny surface
  • Takes dye really well

Approved Date: Nov 14, 2022
Max Weight: 175.1gr
Diameter: 21.1cm
Height: 1.5cm
Rim Depth: 1.2cm
Rim Thickness: 2.0cm
Inside Rim Diameter: 17.1cm
Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 5.7%
Rim Configuration: 27.00
Flexibility: 10.23kg

Løft Discs

Løft discs is much more than a kickstarter project. Our vision for the future is to make the highest quality discs for all purposes and push the boundaries for disc golf discs.

Being founded in the summer of 2020, Løft Discs might seem like another crazy Covid-19 isolation idea. But it is far from that. Through half a year of collaboration with Kastaplast on his bachelor's project in mechanical engineering, founder Niels Sørensen developed the beginning of what today is our flight path simulator. With the assistance of good friend, economist and founder, Asger Sandahl, they succeeded in actually simulating flight paths of discs in 3D. This sparked the idea of using the tool to develop discs, instead of relying solely on assumptions and epxperience. 

Soon the idea of optimizing a putter with regards to flying as straight as possible was born. They joined forces with Kasper Jakobsen, who, with his education in IT and product development and experience in video production seemed like the perfect match.

Since then, it has been all hard work, and Løft Discs is more than ready to present their ideas to the world!

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