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Elevation OG Mini


19 På lager
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Elevation OG Mini

Produktet er midlertidig utsolgt. Dersom du ønsker å motta en epost når vi får det inn på lager, kan du legge igjen epostadressen din i skjemaet under.

These minis are made of OG material, 100mm in diameter, and are colored like previous popular colors of our discs. They are quite heavy so they won't slide around as a marker, they are flexible, and our favorite part is they double as a kneepad! The flight plate is thick and the disc is designed with no sharp edges so you can comfortably place your knee in the bottom of the flight plate.

OG Silicone Rubber
Our original floppy rubber, OG, is as good as it gets for stopping ground-play and roll-aways. Being our floppiest material (maybe the floppiest in disc golf) it excels at absorbing impact, and with some practice, will shave some strokes off your game. Not to mention, the extremely vibrant colors will be sure to help your disc stand out on the course and give each individual disc a unique look.  

*Note: The purpose of this chart is to gauge how our materials compare to each other in flexibility on average. This does not portray how our materials compare in flexibility to any other materials on the market.

  • Mål: Ø10cm
  • Vekt: ca. 65g

Amerikansk produsent av disker og utstyr til frisbeegolf

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